The great british curry crisis

The favourite food of the nation, Curry, in needs help

Favourite food of the britain

Curry is recognised as a favourite food of the Britain. However it is in an authenticity crisis. The media refer this crisis as a ‘Curry Crisis’. In an article titled, ‘Great British Curry Crisis’ , the prestigious, London Financial Times newspaper, said that the crisis is due to the fact that the ‘British public come to an awareness that the curry served in this country is not authentic’.

The indian

The Brand ‘Indian Curry’ sucks. 


More than 90% of ‘Indian Restaurants’ in the UK are owned or run by Bangladeshis. 

But there are three major issues:

1. These restaurants were asking VISAS for the chefs from Bangladesh and NOT from India, claiming that their curry differs in many ways BUT still using the, ‘Indian Curry’ brand.

But the British government refuses saying its investigations found that none of the chefs who came previously cooked or ate the same foods back home. Since they had to be retrained once arrived here, government opened a training centre and offered free training to those who are already here and unemployed. Centre had to be closed due to no enrolment but still the demand for visas are there.

2. There are other curries in the market such as, Japanese Curry, Thai Curry, Malaysian Curry, Indonesian curry,  Chinese Curry, Caribbean curry, Sri Lankan Curry, Myanmar (Burmese) Curry, Mauritius Curry, Pakistan Balti Curry and Bangladeshi Curry.

3. The ‘Curry Paste’ was introduced by third generation immigrants from East Africa, who now try to market that in India itself.

The great
british curry crisis

This all led to the confusion and curry crisis. No corporate efforts were successful. Many media articles appeared without any solution. All warned that the confusion led to curry crisis and the £4.5b curry industry is trailing behind. 

In its articles titled, ‘Great British Curry Crisis’ the Financial Times concluded that the crisis is due to the public and government view that the curry served in this country is no longer authentic.

The reason for the crisis

A food is an important part of culture. It is expression of cultural identity of the people whom its belongs to. Traditional food is a way of preserving the culture of the people its belong to.

The national dish of Scotland is haggis. Pizza and Pasta are national food of Italy. Hamburger is American. The recent successful chain, Nandos claimed that theirs is Portuguese.

Hence the confusion with curry is obvious. 



The tamil curry

To answer this, lets check the OXFORD dictionary and search for the word: Curry.

The dictionary says, the work ‘Curry’ is from Tamil language and found its way to English Language via Portuguese.

Further searches will show that not only curry but few more food related Tamil words are in English too.

‘Poppadom’ another popular item with curry lovers is a Tamil word and so does is Mulligatawny (sic), which refers to two words together Black Pepper and Water. 

Further, Congee (an ancient but contemporary food of the Tamils, specially peasants) and Rasam (simplified version of  Mulligatawny ).

Tamil is now recognised as the world’s oldest language and if not it is one of the top three: Other two being Greek and Chinese.

The Traditional native places of the Tamils, are the southern tip of the Indian sub-continent and the Island of Sri Lanka, especially its north and east.

So India has nothing to do with curry. Because it was created, after conquering hundreds of chiefdom, kingdoms, sultanate to create what was known as ‘British India’ in the late 18th and or early 19th centuries, by a British corporate company East India Company. 

The ‘British India included the Tamil areas of the Southern tip of the Indian Subcontinent. It was the first time in history, that the whole sub continent was combined as one country by a foreign power.

But there was another major twist. The British occupations of the Tamils came at least 300 years later than that of Portuguese. They were followed by the Dutch (Netherland). 

But their occupation was not over the Tamils of southern tip of Indian sub-continent. It was in the island. Like the sub continent, the island too were divided into al least four different kingdoms.

About me

My name is Ravi Maniam and I am a Tamil and I am from the island off Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), the same island the Portuguese colonised first and where the major watershed of the curry occurred and then into the island of Ceylon. The Curry was further developed under the occupation of the Dutch as well.

Unless the contribution of the Portuguese, who came with the ‘chilies’ , is discussed and given due credit, the confusion will continue and so does the ‘Curry Crisis’.

I am authoring a book on curry and its authenticity, to tell the world who it actually belongs to with its undisputable 2000 years of history.

The tamil - portuguese curry

This will clarify the mystery of the so called ‘Piri-Piri’ source of its origin snd also the original history of ‘Curry Powder’ that the Tamils and Portuguese invented n unison. 

Importantly it will tell all, that the watershed curry had with the Tamil along with the Portuguese which had nothing to do with the Tamils in lived in the southern Indian sub continent.  Not knowing this details also led to the confusion that the Tamils in India, do not have the clue of what is going on with the curry in the UK. Because they were NOT under the Portuguese but the Tamils in the Island did. 

This book will also tell you that the curry is vegan. Also it will reveal that the reason said for the origin of the Chicken Tikka Masala in Britain, was not new but an accidental story as the same was said by the Portuguese and a solution was found along with the Tamils, nearly 500 years ago.


I now live in London for nearly 30 years and concerned what is going on with the curry – the 2000 years old heritage of ours, the Tamils. 

It is a big puzzle and it got to be resolved to save the curry industry. 

Only the Tamils in the present day Sri Lanka can solve the Curry Crisis issue of the UK and so, I am coming forward. 

The book will discuss that the watershed began not with Portuguese’s Vasgo da Gama but with Spaniard Christopher Columbus . Maybe the book would argue that the curry might have come to Britain not as claimed as after the establishment of ‘British India’ but during the time of Roman, 2000 years ago.

Also it will clarify with historical undisputable evidences, how the other curies in the market such as Japanese Curry, Thai Curry, Malaysian Curry, Indonesian curry,  Chinese Curry, Caribbean curry, Sri Lankan Curry, Myanmar (Burmese) Curry, Mauritius Curry, Pakistan Balti Curry and Bangladeshi Curry can be linked to the Tamil Curry.

Unless the contribution of the Portuguese, who came with the ‘chilies’ to us the Tamils, is discussed and given due credit, the confusion will continue and so does the ‘Curry Crisis’.

I am sure you agree that the curry and curry industry need help to resolve the credibility issue with both the British Government and the public. This needs to be done quickly to save the industry and jobs, as Daily Telegraph predicted that if the current crisis continue, 50% of the curry houses will have to be shut within the next decade

Need your help

In the backdrop, you can see the, running of the bulls festival – an ancient ( ancient than the Spanish) that follows the Thai Pongal.

I have a survey with a questionnaire below and it would be a great help if you could answer the questions, so that I can bring out the book with all your concerned queries with answers. It will help me to do more research, to bring out a more informative book.

One thing I can tell you is the curry of the Tamil – Portuguese is a far cry to what is offered in the market. The book will discuss it all fully.

The Tamil’s curry year starts with the harvesting day, which is also the thanks-giving day to the sun, for providing the energy for the rice grain to come home from the field. It’s call ‘Thai Pongal’ day in Tamil. 

Tamils celebrate this day with sweet pudding made out of the newly harvested rice.

And please watch the videos  below – It will surprise you and validate what I am saying so far.

The Thanking giving day of the Tamils - Thai Pongal

Perhaps they too will be surprised to know the tamils got the keys to the curry crisis.

The Survey